do supportu bloggera wyslalem cosik takiego:
the comment system is terrible ): if u want to make kind of discussion there is no way but check ALL comments [or rather comments to all of the posts] on entire page. imho comments should be displayed in different way.
– simplest way is to add cookies and if new comments were added to post, there is some indicator, so one knows to check it out.
– this is weak support though – as mant ppl are using browser in many different places. but if i have an account on blogger it could be somehow connected.
– imho nice addition would be complex solution:
– ppl who have an account on blogger are somehow remebered, for others – it could use cookies.
– comments should be in hidden divs, not in another window. if new comment are avaliable, the div is visible, so one quickly can see all comments.

…or some other solution, which allows to create kind of a forum, where a post is a new topic.

ciekawe czy odpowiedza cos… no i czy cos na ten ksztalt wdroza…

-o((:: sprEad the l0ve ::))o-

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  1. pkrzysz


    Może zawsze zmienić system bloga:) na jakiś z możliwością crossposta.

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