na osnews pojawil sie bardzo fajny art na temat ReactOSa – opensourcowego windowsa. nie jest to linux, ale przepisany od poczatq kod kernela aka-windows. najciekawszy jest chyba fragment na temat kompatybilnosci wyjasniajacy zasade dzialania [wspolpraca w ekipa WINE]:

Besides the standard programs run under the same context as WINE on Linux, ReactOS goes even further by aiming complete compatibility with Windows drivers and services.
In a sense, ReactOS isn’t an alternate operating system, it’s Windows under another name and brand new source code to match, but at the end of the day, ReactOS is big proof that Linux and Windows aren’t the only choices for desktop PCs, and that there is always room for more innovation. All it takes is a bit of effort.

-o((:: sprEad the l0ve ::))o-

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