kilka dni temu byla premiera PS3 w USA. zeby qpic nowa zabawke, ustawily sie dluuuugie kolejki fanow play station.
pojawily sie juz tutoriale jak zainstalowac fedora core 5 na PS3. tylko czekac az pojawia sie kolejne dystrybucje.
z calego, obszernego opisu z wrazen konkluzje sa jak nastepuje:
The Good:
The hardware looks great, and runs nearly silently and very cool
Wireless controller is light and feels great
Great-looking Blu-ray movie playback
Price is low for a Bluy-ray player
A lot of multimedia options
Solid backwards compatibility
The Bad:
Terrible online store
Slow, unintuitive browser
No background downloading
Games continue to play even if you eject the disc; you have to manually restart the UI via the controller
Messy UI
HD scaler doesn’t work right
Price is high for a video game console
No rumble, controller loses sync with system sometimes; little game support for motion-sensing features
Uninspired launch lineup
The Ugly:
Knowing that no one is actually playing this thing, every system is waiting in a box somewhere for the eBay profit

-o((:: sprEad the l0ve ::))o-

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